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How I Got Started

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The electrode bounced, flashes and sparks flying (one went down my shirt).

I was looking for a gift for a friend while browsing through a boutique one day.

I overheard the owner talking to a vendor about how impossible it was to get handcrafted belt buckles and hardware.

The next day I tried to use an electric welder for the first time. A blinding white light flashed when I struck an arc. Then the electrode bounced more, sparks went flying. And several hours later I had a very ugly poorly constructed buckle.

I threw it in a drawer and swore never to look at it again.

Months later, I pulled it out. It was just as bad, but with some rust. I got my courage up and drove to the boutique. The owner shuddered and said, "This is fabulous. I'll buy every one you can make."

The bukles, jewelry, and chess sets I made improved quickly. Suddenly I owned my own business and was making more money than the presidents of many well-established companies. At that time, I got to know many people in the jewelry business, including David Yurman.

After that, I became an advertising executive, started retail stores, and pursued a number of businesses. Originally, I wanted to be a furniture designer, and one day I might just do that, too.

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